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Seamax Ocean290 9.5ft with aluminum floor
Capacity: 3 Person, 10HP; 3+1 chambers, Heavy Duty
2 carrying bags, 1 bench seat, 2 oars, 1 air pump

Seamax Ocean320 10.5ft with aluminum floor
Capacity: 4 Person, 15HP; 3+1 chambers, Heavy Duty
2 carrying bags, 1 bench seat, 2 oars, 1 air pump

Seamax Ocean380 12.5ft with aluminum floor
Capacity: 5 Person, 25HP; 5+1 chambers, Heavy Duty
2 carrying bags, 2 bench seat, 2 oars, 1 air pump

Seamax Ocean430 14ft with aluminum floor
Capacity: 9 Person, 35HP; 5+1 chambers, Heavy Duty
2 carrying bags, 2 bench seat, 2 oars, 1 air pump

12V Electric Pump Boat Bundle - Online Only for Ship Out
80D Model - Digital Control and built-in Digital Air Gauge
80DB Model - Built-in 7AH Battery & Travel Charger
Max Pressure 11.6 PSI, Dual Stages, Max 500L / Min
Note: Only Available for Order with a Seamax Boat . LTD QTY

Deluxe 4x4 Boat Dolly Bundle -  Online Only for Ship Out
Aircraft Gray Aluminum with anodizing sliver coating
Quick released 12" tires, Max support 600 Lbs payload
Fits all size transom, 4 length & 4 Positions wheel arm
Note: Only Available for Order with a Seamax Boat LTD QTY

Reasons to buy Seamax Inflatable Boats

Sold in Canada and The United States, Seamax inflatable boats start out their trip from halfway around the world. With their Italian design and style, the boats are built in the Seamax factory in China using only the best Korean-made PVC materials.
The result for the North American consumers is always a quality motorboat product retailed for an affordable price. Additionally, Seamax dispels any kind of fears related to “Chinese-made” product since the Seamax facility meets the internationally recognized criteria of good quality: an ISO 9001: 2000 certified manufacturing line benefitting from the highest rating in the market.

Seamax Inflatable Boats - Three Types:

Currently, Seamax creates three types of inflatable water boats: the Air Series, Sports Series, as well as the Ocean series. These series begin with the small Air230 which is only 7'5" in size and has a maximum load capacity of 770 lbs and end with the best craft, the Ocean430 which is 14ft in size and  a maximum capacity of 9 persons / 2277 lbs. The boats can potentially be rowed or be powered by an outboard  (up to 35hp for Ocean430).
At we retail only the premium Ocean series at the moment. This series includes the  Ocean290 which can host up to 3 persons at a time and boasts a maximum engine power of 10hp. The midsized Ocean320 which is 10.5’ in size and can seat up to 4 persons and the Ocean380 which has a capacity of 5 persons and a maximum power capacity of 25hp.
We also have the largest boat in the Ocean series, the Ocean430 which is 14’ in length and has a maximum motor capacity of 35hp and weighs just a little over 200lbs..

Boat Flooring Options
Seamax Bottom Specifications
Seamax has two types of flooring options for their inflatable boats: aluminum and airmat. An airmat floor is light-weight and consumes less space than the aluminum flooring. However, aluminum floorboards can be a lot more resistant over time and support extra horsepower too.
All models in the Seamax Ocean series boast premium aluminum floors which offer  the highest durability and the  least maintenance.
The Seamax Difference
Seamax boats possess oversized buoyancy tubes which make them virtually impossible to capsize. The design and style of each boat give them a low center of gravity that is appreciated by those of us who are nervous out on the water.
All boats are designed with 1100-denier polyester fabric which is heavily coated on each with PVC, thus making them air tight and water resistant in case of abrasions or tears. Each Seamax motorboat is manmade, including hand-gluing the seams (four layers) with a high quality polyurethane glue specifically designed for inflatables. This glue is highly resistant UV, salt water and heat. The seams are backed by a 3 year warranty and the PVC fabric by a 5 year warranty.

These are some of the extra safety features included on all Seamax Ocean series boats:
  • 1.2mm thick hull
  • Extra wide rubbing strakes on hull bottom
  • Double layer hull design (exclusive to Seamax)
  • Extra layer of PVC on tube bottoms
  • Very heavily reinforced 1.5” transom
Why Buy Seamax?

These are rugged but lightweight boats, which can be 3x lighter in comparison to fiberglass or aluminum boats of the same size. That includes storing, assemblage, and launching from the seashore as well as a larger motorboat deck. However, the most appealing area of Seamax boats may be its pricing. Ranging in price from $1200 and up to $2200 for models in the Ocean series, these can be easily regarded as the most attractive, inexpensive, and well-made boats currently available on the market.
The quality of  Seamax inflatable boats have been recognized at many award contests, with the boats earning several prizes for durability and appearance. Seamax also offers a standard 5-year warranty for all retailed models, even though the boats are expected to last much longer.

The Seamax Ocean models are regarded as best-in-class, providing a superior feel and experience and considerably higher capacity. They are able to reach speeds which are higher than those of all other Seamax boats thanks to their maximum engine horsepower, while the riding experience is kept top-notch at all times thanks to the premium aluminum flooring.
It’s your turn to own a Seamax inflatable boat while it's still in our stock!

Mission of Seamax

Commercial grade inflatable boat quality is our manufacturing standard!
Professional boats & accessories at affordable prices!
Fastest shipping service & best warranty coverage!

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